According to the will of the community presidency members, CADELU management team had organized since the last year in October 2013 a center of learning English as a foreign language.

The aim of the center is to train all CADELU church members in practicing English as their communication and administration language so that they could communicate easily with their partners like UEM, TEARFUND, Action Partners Pioneers other stakeholders etc.

Center ‘slogan: Where there is a will, there’s always a way


The C.E.C. is organized in four levels: the first, the second, the third and the fourth. Its level has 3 months ‘studying. Nowadays, we have 2 levels.

In the first level 11 students are trained:

  1. 1.Mrs Mary Bemanga,
  2. 2.Mrs DorcasBatuafeLokuli,Cadelu women community president
  3. 3.Mrs Mira,
  4. 4.Miss Angela,Cadelu nutritionist manager
  5. 5.Mr Léon Bofola, Cadelu mechanic,
  6. 6.Mr Richard Iyema, Cadelu diaconate responsible ,
  7. 7.Mr Joe, Cadelu cashier,
  8. 8.Mr José Bosengi, deacon in Francophone parish.
  9. 9.Mr Rima Botay, the choirist or singer in Arc-en-ciel choir

10. Mr Ekute Ilela, Cadelu joiner,

11. Mr Armand a deacon

In the second level we find 7 students who will be our first batch (promotion) in 6 months later:

  1. 1.Mrs Mary Jeanne,CADELU guest house responsible (Mama kuci guest house responsible),
  2. 2.Miss Nelly Masongongo,
  3. 3.Mr Martin, Cadelu joiner,
  4. 4.Mr Elijah Eanga, Community development office director,
  5. 5.Mr Pascal Ekolongo, Cadelu health coordinator,
  6. 6.Mr Bobol Bononga, councilor in Cadelu education department,
  7. 7.Mr Ndongala, pedagogic cell’s chief in Cadelu education department,
  8. 8.Bishop, Rev. Pastor Jean Thomas Totuku, Cadelu’s President and Legal Representative (Cadelu senior pastor).


Each level has 2 two days ‘course which take 2 hours per day something like 4 hours of course in a week or 16 hours per month which give a total of 48 hours in 3 months of a level.


The volume of courses depends on the level you are:

There are 16 lessons in the first level, 20 lessons in the second level, 25 in the third level and 30 in the fourth level.


This level is based on learning step by step English; this is the motto or the watchword (the slogan or purpose) of the up cited level. We should make our students discovering English as the foreign language by learning it slowly-slowly. They should know some important ways of using this new language in different field; so, they could get into this language easily. The students of the first level has to know also that practicing English is not being ashamed but speaking as like you can without thinking about mistakes and speaking anytime, anywhere with anybody who practices English.


This level’s watchword or purpose is to learn with speed English. We should make our students to read more texts, to make more researches by using dictionaries, to discover new words, to be dictated more passages, to write and to speak speedily without hesitations so that they could break the heaviness of their mother tongues.


This level is a semi-advanced one which we take more times of learning them grammars, reading and being dictated passages. They should mainly know how to debate, to hold a meeting, to pronounce a speech, to defend your opinion and so one. A part of the above instructions, students of this level should learn the different life and customs of many English countries such as: USA, UK, Germany, Canada, India, South Africa, Japan, Nigeria, etc. by collecting some texts which talk about those countries and other.


This is the last level which is an advanced one. Here, we end with the rest of grammar and make them learning the Business English with its all components. More texts are taught and more debates are made. The aim of this level is to make students able to using correctly English and being able to speaking without hesitations and ashamed and defending with all strength our center.


Mr John Bolola Likonga

The C.EC. English teacher

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